Where to Find Our Flowers

Direct from Us

Looking to purchase our flowers?  It’s super easy.

The majority of our flowers are all grown on our property. We offer beautiful market style bouquets (paper wrapped) with local delivery (additional fees apply) to the Dayton/Carson area. If necessary, we can supply vases for bouquets, however, we are very focused on sustainable practices and do not require vases for delivery.

During our off-season, we continue to meet our customers needs by working with local wholesalers and other floral companies who grow in a climate less harsh than the high desert of Nevada.

If you are a florist, bride, corporate customer or are planning a special event, please contact us directly for additional information.

Farmers Markets

We are a regular vendor at the Carson City Farmers Market from June – October.

Look for our booth on the following 2019 dates: 

June 15 and 29th, July 13th, August 3rd, 17th and 31st, and September 14th

You can reach us any of the following ways:  via Facebook, Instagram
Email kim@yellowpetalflowerfarm.com
Telephone/text 775-721-1919.

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