We will again welcome visitors to the farm for the second year.  There are very few other farms in Northern Nevada where you can visit, learn and experience the real life of a working flower farm. We hope that our guests will relish in the beauty and joyful process of cutting and creating their own arrangement.

Own Pick Your Own Event hours will be expanded this year offering times Thursday through Saturday.  Be sure to check our calendar for dates and times or visit our Shop for tickets.

All events will consist of a small group of people who will each have the opportunity to stroll our specially curated flower fields.  During this time, we will be available to answer questions and talk with you about flower varieties. 

Pick Your Own Flowers

Calendar of Events

Are we ever excited to bring yoga in the flower field to life this year. We are teaming up with another local Fallon business to bring you a one-of-a-kind experience.

Macy, from Free Bird Yoga, will lead outdoor full moon sunset and sunrise flows. We have practiced with Macy all winter and if you don't already know her, we are positive you will love her. 

Our first yoga event is coming up on Saturday, May 7th for Mother's Day.   Space is limited and advance tickets are required.  Click here for more information and tickets.

NEW!! Yoga in the Flower Field

We will again offer weekly bouquet subscriptions for the 2022 season. Subscriptions are a great way to receive our freshest offering of flowers each week. They also make great gifts!

Bouquet subscriptions are picked up here at the Farm on Friday's. Be sure to sign up for our email list to receive an announcement when subscriptions open. Due to other farm events, subscription space will be limited this season.

Bouquet Subscriptions

If you just need a single bouquet, we can do that too.

We offer single handtied growers choice bouquets starting at  $35.00.  Custom orders start at $45.00.

Just give us a call, but keep in mind that we are frequently working in the field, so 24-48 hour notice is recommended.  We do not offer any delivery service, all orders must be picked up at the farm during specified hours.

Single Bouquets

We love to share our love for flowers and farming with others.  Workshops are a great way to dive into specific topics such as starting, cultivating, harvesting and designing flowers.  

Our workshop sizes will remain small and intimate as we want to be able to connect with each of our guests.  Be sure to check our calendar for our workshops and special events or or visit our Shop for tickets.


We already know how special our farm is and it's a privilege to share it with others.

We are excited to offer our beautiful field for limited private events, such as intimate picnics, proposals, elopements and small parties. The location of our farm is just south of Fallon and is very private and generally free of noise (other than what you might expect on a farm).

Pricing varies depending on guest count and hours required. Please note, we are currently limited to 50 guests. We are licensed to serve alcohol. Please email us with details regarding your event.

On-site photography starts at $50/per hour, per client session. If you would like to offer mini-sessions, please email us for pricing.

NEW!!  Private Events, Elopements, Parties & Photography

Starting a new farm is hard and there are many roads which must be navigated to ensure proper licensing and permits.  We have spent an emense amount of time navigating these waters and we love to see other young growers get a little bit of a jump start.  

While we willing share an abundance of information, some topics are deeper and require preparation time.  Rates for our time and knowldge are fair, reasonalbe and vary by topic.  

If you are new to growing, flowers, business or all of these and would like to book some time with us, please email us.

One-on-One Consultations

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