About Us

Hi!  Thanks for being here. 

Our journey in flower farming started in 2018.  We started on a small 2-acre property in Dayton, Nevada.  As our dreams and ambitions grew, the search began for a new place to call home. 

We landed in Fallon, Nevada and we couldn't be happier.

Kylie and Kim pictured at the farm in 2021.

Our Farm 

Literally, by pure magic, we found our new home right in the middle of the COVID pandemic.  And, when we say we, we mean all of "we."  Three households including 10 bodies, 5 horses, 5 dogs, a clutch of chickens, two sheep and a tortoise all packed our bags and moved to Fallon, Nevada.

Fallon is an amazing tight knit agricultural community and was the perfect place for us to expand our flower operation. 

In additional to our 3+ acres of flower fields, we also now farm about twenty-five additional acres in alfalfa. 

The vision for our farm is always expanding and we never tire sharing our love for growing with those around us.  

Why We Farm

It's pretty simple really.

We love growing.
We love flowers.
We love the farming & ranching lifestyle.
We love our family.

Pictures tell the story best.